Valdizar's reign

Keep on The Shadowfell kobold lair

Kobold Lair

The adventurers arived to the directions that they were givin and surprised some kobolds that apeired to be garding a cave lair.
Waterfall lair
After the adventurers defeated the kobolds outside the lair they decided to return to winterhavento resupply and regroup before entering the waterfall cave.the adventurers return to winterhaven with little notice and supply themselves and eat before returning to the kobold lair to find zombies have claimed the corpses laying about but they where easy to dispatch.The inside of the waterfall cave was a different story,a wyrmpriest ,and a big goblin that called himself irontooth where waiting for the adventurers.The fight was quick but the treasure great.By the time the adventurers finished collecting they’re treasure it was nearing nightfall so they set back to winterhaven on a shortcut that brought them to a dragon grave that someone was excavating the site at which time one of them asked the group to come and view the bone .Then one of the adventurers noticed something was off and the the guard drakes were ordered to attack .after the carnage one of them managed to back in winterhaven the adventurers notice that there are very little people about the town and head to wrafton’s inn.Vendrien started asking everyone about the mirror and getting nothing from Salvana Wrafton but Valthrun the prescient was willing to talk.



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