Valdizar's reign

The Den of Dreus

So the characters set out for winterhaven to locate Dreus.Along the way the players discovered Dreus lair thanks to a traveling cleric of pelor who pointed them in the right direction.Before reaching Dreus’s den the adventurers ran in to a greenvine,corruption corpse,Zombi Hulk,and gelatinous cube After excepting the cleric’s quest to travel to winterhaven and determine if there is any death cult activity in the area and destroy them,The adventurers entered the den of Drues.After fighting there way through the dungeon the adventurers are at Dreus door…… The players are now at drues’s door
The tiefling says to Dreus “you fool you’ve lead these people to us,Now i leave you to your fate”
The tiefling then waved his hand and vanishes.
After defeatingDreus and her minions the adventurers rested in the dungeon and identified they’re items that they found.the players were unable to get the identity of the tiefling that vanished from the room so quickly.



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