Don Arvidikas


Don Arvidikas was found shortly after birth after an attack by orcs on a unknown convoy traveling through the Harken forest.The elves that found Don raised him as one of their own . After striking out Don learned of his true origin of a noble descendant and took rightful ownership of his lands and properties.But not before traveling and adventuring throughout the realms looking for answers.Now settled on his land in the town of Brigandar, Don awaits his next adventure…………


House Arvidikas

The house is mainly comprised of fighters but there are a few clerics, warlords, and paladins that see cause in this newly formed house.House Arvidikas seeks out only the highest bounty.


Originally started by Don Arvidikas, House Arvidikas has been around for about 6 years, giving Don and Abraxus enough time to build a formidable organization, and reputation for getting the job done. Don sought out to find adventurers and worthy friends to form a company feared by many evildoers, becoming the most formidable bounty hunters in the Nentir Vale.

Key locations

Brigandar: New to the Stonemark it self, this town is named after the keep that was built by Don Arvidikas.

Don Arvidikas

Valdizar's reign Donarvidikas