Valdizar's reign

The Slaying Stone

Kiris dahn map full size The adventurers met Treona and Kiris Alkirk outside of Gorizbadd after fighting off the hungry wolves.Treona offered shelter and explained the goblin invasion to the adventurersImagesgoblins.So the adventurers took the situation into they’re own hands.Sneaking into Gorizbadd was easy for the players.The characters navigated through the Kobold slums were they avoided most confrontations but still encountered Kobolds,rats,and stirges.As the adventurers navigated the streets moving to the library they encountered a Kobold scavanger named Speelock who was in control of two iron defenders.The characters were not ready for this encounter and almost lost Ganji to a Ankheg raging after some ankheg oil that speelock managed to hit Ganji with.After finding the library the characters ran into some goblins and Quickly destroyed them.the adventurers found brass dragon scales inside the library which alerted them to the presence of a brass dragon.In search of this slaying stone the characters where now faced with a greater threat than they were expecting.the adventurers moved on to the temple district were they ran into a member of the Kiris family line and learned of the hobgoblin in control of everything in Gorizbadd and location of the dragon.Then the goblin forces ascended upon the players and kiris Hoyt transformed into a wererat and attacked the adventurers.This was a hard fight for the players but they defeated the monsters.Luckily Vendrien was strong enough to fight off the filth fever disease from the wererat bite.After leaving the temple district the players moved over to the shop district were they observed orcs torturing kobolds and goblins asking for the slaying stone.The adventurers did not engage the orcs at this time and kept on the mission when they ran into a group of kobolds traveling through town.The kobolds did not attack, but the adventurers did and then from the shadows a figure came out and began helping the player.after defeating the kobolds the players learned he was an adventuring rogue named Snails. The adventurers then moved to the burned tavern were they encountered Krayd the butcher a female Orc. Survar the parties avenger rushed into battle and was slain by Krayd,but the adventurers were able to defeat this powerful Orc.From here the adventurers moved to the monster pins where they encounter the goblin wolf brigade.The characters had no problem dealing with this threat and moved on to the mansion where they faced Hu-jat’s squad. This was a very good test for the adventurers.a lot of the characters were bloodied in this fight which made it a good climax.After defeating Hu-jat they moved to the hot springs were they learned from Kiris Hoyt earlier,that a brass dragon made its lair in the hot springs.Meeting the dragon was very unnerving for the adventurers but they were able to convince the dragon of they’re worth,and obtain the stone from her.After excepting the dragons quest of destroying Drues the adventurers headed back to Treona’s tower to discuss the stone with Treona.On there way to Treona’s the adventurers were attacked by a group of orcs demanding the slaying stone.This fight was tough but the players managed .After Treona rudely destroyed the slaying stone and raised Survar from the dead ,her and the adventurers agreed that Dreus should be stopped.

The Den of Dreus

So the characters set out for winterhaven to locate Dreus.Along the way the players discovered Dreus lair thanks to a traveling cleric of pelor who pointed them in the right direction.Before reaching Dreus’s den the adventurers ran in to a greenvine,corruption corpse,Zombi Hulk,and gelatinous cube After excepting the cleric’s quest to travel to winterhaven and determine if there is any death cult activity in the area and destroy them,The adventurers entered the den of Drues.After fighting there way through the dungeon the adventurers are at Dreus door…… The players are now at drues’s door
The tiefling says to Dreus “you fool you’ve lead these people to us,Now i leave you to your fate”
The tiefling then waved his hand and vanishes.
After defeatingDreus and her minions the adventurers rested in the dungeon and identified they’re items that they found.the players were unable to get the identity of the tiefling that vanished from the room so quickly.

Keep on The Shadowfell winterhaven
On the road to winterhaven the adventurers find a traveler being attacked by a band of kobolds.After defeating the Kobolds the adventurers ,along with their new companion head to winterhavenWinterhaven map small]]


The adventurers reached winterhaven and found lodging at Wrafton’s inn,where they met or heard of Salvana Wrafton the in keep,Eilian The Old, and Valthrun the prescient.Don Arvidikasand his group that was searching for a wanted man named Ganji entered the town.
Ganji,one of the party members quickly tried to escape but was no match for Don’s group including Ganji’s son Sensi.After Ganji’s capture the condition of his charges were explained to him,upon which time he surrendered himself to be extradited back to his home planet of Athas where he is to stand trial.In the meantimeDon Arvidikas has agreed to allow Ganji one last dinner with his companions before his journey.Wile waiting to have dinner with their friend Ganji, the adventurers set out to The Den of Drues to recover her head because Ganji forgot to grab it after the battle.Now returning back to the gate of winterhaven the adventure continues…..
The adventurers return to winterhaven with little notice and spoke with Sister Linora. The town priest performed a gentle repose ritual on the head of Dreus and the group continued to the inn where they are to have dinner with there friend [[:ganji | Ganji . Ganji explained to his friends that they must return to Kiris Dahn and give proof of Dreus distruction to [[:tyrists-brass-dragon | Tyrists,Brass dragon]]in order to obtain an item of great interest.Don Arvidikas expressed his feeling for Athas law as being unfair,and the land as harsh and even more lifedrinking,but that they’re friend will not be subject to unfair law “as Don sees it” as long as he is in his care.Don Arvidikas goes on to offer an invitation to Brigandar to try out for the House Arvidikas which he explains is a noble house dedicated to ridding the world of vile evil,and the occasional outlaw.Don Arvidikas also request that the characters look into a man named Valdizar regarding his whereabouts,and that they should not get his attention.The door to the inn opens and the patrons grow quiet for a short pause as Lord Padraig entered the bar.The man walks straight over to Don Arvidikas and greeted him well and asks if he can take care of the goblin threat… at which time Don Arvidikas obligates the characters to do so in exchange for entry to his great house of hunters.As Don Arvidikasand his group departed the next morning he reminded the adventurers of they’re pact and that he will meet with them in [[Brigandar | Brigandar]] in one month if Kord permits it.

Keep on The Shadowfell kobold lair
Kobold Lair

The adventurers arived to the directions that they were givin and surprised some kobolds that apeired to be garding a cave lair.
Waterfall lair
After the adventurers defeated the kobolds outside the lair they decided to return to winterhavento resupply and regroup before entering the waterfall cave.the adventurers return to winterhaven with little notice and supply themselves and eat before returning to the kobold lair to find zombies have claimed the corpses laying about but they where easy to dispatch.The inside of the waterfall cave was a different story,a wyrmpriest ,and a big goblin that called himself irontooth where waiting for the adventurers.The fight was quick but the treasure great.By the time the adventurers finished collecting they’re treasure it was nearing nightfall so they set back to winterhaven on a shortcut that brought them to a dragon grave that someone was excavating the site at which time one of them asked the group to come and view the bone .Then one of the adventurers noticed something was off and the the guard drakes were ordered to attack .after the carnage one of them managed to back in winterhaven the adventurers notice that there are very little people about the town and head to wrafton’s inn.Vendrien started asking everyone about the mirror and getting nothing from Salvana Wrafton but Valthrun the prescient was willing to talk.


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